Pontus Wärnestål

Service and UX Designer · Associate Professor (PhD)· Public Speaker

Pontus Wärnestål (Ph.D) is an award-winning Service Designer and Human-Computer Interaction researcher, with 20 years of work experience in the fields of Interaction, User Experience, and Service Design.

During his Master studies in Cognitive Science, Pontus designed and developed a spoken dialogue AI system for Nokia Home Communications. The work transformed into his Ph.D dissertation on design and development of user-adaptive spoken recommender systems. After finishing his Ph.D, Pontus did Interaction and UX Design consultancy work for various clients, including Volvo Cars and web agency Daddy, before joining digital creative agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky Europe where he spearheaded the UX department as Director of User Experience.

In 2012, Pontus joined the Informatics department at Halmstad University, researching and teaching as Assistant Professor/Senior Lecturer in HCI. Pontus' focus on Health Service Innovation led to award-winning research on peer support for children cancer-survivors (SIGCHI Honorable Mention Award 2014, Livestrong Innovation Prize Winner 2014, Svenska Designpriset nominee 2015). Pontus created and directed the Bachelor program Digital Design and Innovation given at Halmstad University, where he received the Accomplished Teacher Pedagogical Merit degree in 2014 and Excellent Teacher Pedagogical Merit in 2019.

Since 2016 Pontus works as Director of Service Design and Human-Centered AI at design agency inUse in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, alongside with academic research on Human-Centered AI and Smart Cities at Halmstad University. Pontus earned the Associate Professor (Docent) degree in June 2018 and he is currently developing design resources and education programs in the intersection of Service and UX Design and Artificial Intelligence.


Current Work

Here are initiatives, resources, and thoughts from the past couple of years when it comes to Human-Centered Design and Artificial Intelligence. The resources here are a mix of Swedish and English.

1. Halmstad University

1.1 Research Projects

At Halmstad University we are doing research in several projects where AI and Design intersect. I am leading the Service Design synergy project in our future-oriented mobility service initiativ called OSMaaS (Open and Sustainable Mobility as a Service).

Smarta städer – panelsamtal på Stadsbiblioteket i Halmstad (Swedish)
Smarta städer – Utbildningsradion UR Samtiden (Swedish)


1.2 Education, Pedagogy, and Learning

I teach at Master Level (e.g. courses like Intelligent Services) at the Digital Service Innovation program, as well as on Bachelor level in the program Digital design och innovation which I co-created and managed 2013-2016.

I work with AI and Service Design and innovation in professional education and life-long learning.

In particular, we give the course Service Design Based on Data Analytics since 2019, which aims at connecting Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Human-Centered Service Design.

Podcast: Human-Centered Machine Learning

In order to spread the knowledge in the interesting intersection of AI and Service Design, I led a VINNOVA project with the aim of producing a MOOC in the form of a podcast.

The result is the podcast Human-Centered Machine Learning which consists of 13 episodes. The podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms, such as Spotify.

Listen to the introduction eposide here:

Paper: Rethinking Continuous University Education for Professionals

Our work on the podcast has been published in a paper in the Proceedings of the HCI International Conference in 2020:

Intervju i podden Digitalsamtal

Jag blev intervjuad om Högskolan i Halmstads kursutbud inom AI i podcasten Digitalsamtal:

2. Design Director Work for inUse Part of AFRY

As Design Director at inUse I work with how to practically make sense out of digital service innovation using Service Design, UX Design, and AI. Below are some video clips and blog posts on that work:

Design at AFRY 2021 – inUse is in the business of making impact - English

Director of Human-Centered AI på InUse (del 1) - Swedish

Director of Human-Centered AI på InUse (del 2) - Swedish

Human-Centered AI at InUse part of AFRY - English

My talk on design tools on From Business To Buttons 2018 - English

Blog Posts on AI as Design Material
InUse Awards (Swedish)


Podcastintervju - Tekniksnacket (Swedish)

InUse är en del av AFRY och i det nätverket finns enorm kompetens inom maskininlärning och Data Science. Här är en episod av Tekniksnacket där InUse och AFRYs väg mot människo-centrerad AI är i fokus.

Alternativ länk: Så påverkas teknikonsulterna av AI

3. InUse Academy (Swedish)

Framtagning och genomförande av kurser inom Service Design och AI:

Human-Centered AI - kurspresentation

4. AI.m

Halmstad University, business incubator High5 and local design agencies are coming together in the AI.m program to coach small and medium enterprises in their AI + Design journeys. Read more about it here:
Halland Tech Meet (Swedish)

Våren 2020 genomfördes ett webinar på Halland Tech Meet på temat AI och design i hälso- och sjukvård:

AI.m at Interaction19 in Seattle (English)

På Interaction19 hade jag förmånen att få presentera AI.m-modellen och de designverktyg vi tar fram inom ramen för programmet.

"Get Your Gear in Order - Service Design Tools for AI Platforms" Pontus Warnestal - Interaction19 from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

HighFive Halmstad - Videoklipp om AI.m

AI.m Del 1

AI.m Del 2

AI.m Del 3

5. Writing about AI, strategy, and design

5.1 Blog Writing

Here are some articles published on popular platforms (English):

And, some of my own writing on the subject (Swedish and English):

5.2 Academic Writing

All my scientific writing is listed below.


Director of Human-Centered AI

inUse Experience

Design Director for strategic digital projects involving adaptive AI-powered functionality.

As Director at inUse, I am developing the design discipline internally and externally by public speaking, running workshops, as well as teaching and developing courses for inUse Academy. I am also coaching my colleagues to develop value-creating design using various aspects of AI, such as Machine Learning.

May 2016 - Present

Associate Professor

Halmstad University

Researching and teaching UX design and Service Innovation with a research focus on health innovation and urban development/smart cities. I designed and implemented the interaction design-oriented Digital Design and Innovation bachelor program and worked as Program Director.

See my list of published research.

October 2011 - Present

UX Director

CP+B Europe

Leading the UX and interaction design discipline at Crispin Porter + Bogusky Europe with my skilled colleagues. Working with methodology development, contextual inquiry, analyzing user mental models and behavior patterns, deriving information architectures, laying out digital ecosystems, wireframing, prototyping, and doing usability testing for both local and international clients.

My work also involves presenting interaction design concepts for global and local clients, evangelizing the UX field and giving guest lectures and workshops.

2009 - 2012; 2015 - 2016

Interaction and UX Designer

Etteplan Tech

Consultant in Interaction Design, UX, and Usability Analysis at clients such as Volvo Cars, AxTech GPS/GSM-enabled alarm systems, and digital advertising agency Daddy.

September 2007 - June 2009

PhD Student

Linköping University
Graduate School of Language Technology

Doctoral research in Language Technology. Design and implementation of conversational recommender systems with spoken and typed interaction. Multimodal interaction design and implementation (gesture and speech). Publication and oral presentation of research papers at international conferences. Graduate course work, and teaching at university level.

September 2002 - September 2007

Interaction Designer and Software Developer

Nokia Home Communications

Design and development of electronic program guides for TV set-top boxes with spoken interaction. Java, Speech recognition (Nuance), dialogue system development and usability evaluation. Contextual analysis (qualitative analysis and affinity diagramming) and Interaction Design concepting that lead to academic publications.

September 2001 - September 2002

Education & Academic Career

Associate Professor (Docent)

Halmstad University, Sweden
June 2018

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

Linköping University, Sweden
September 2007

Licentiate of Philosophy (Ph.Lic)

Linköping University, Sweden
April 2004

Master of Cognitive Science

Linköping University, Sweden
June 2001

Cognitive Science Bachelor Student Exchange

Adelaide University, Australia
January 2001

College Student Exchange

Whatcom Community College, WA, USA
June 1995



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Speaker Engagements (Selection)

Some slide decks are temporarily available for download.


  • Halland Tech Week. Halmstad, Sweden
  • Health Innovation Day. Moderator, Virtual Conference, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Learning AI through Podcasting. AI Innovation of Sweden, Virtual Meeting, Sweden
  • Human-Centered AI Meetup, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Hur hanterar vi Datarevolutionen? Varberg, Sweden


  • Invited Keynote Speaker, Location Innovation, Leoben, Austria
  • Service Design Meetup, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Innovation Conference 2019, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Digga Halland invited talk, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Tech Day, Stockholm, Sweden
  • HISS Summer School Invited Lecture, Halmstad, Sweden
  • AI Seminars and Panel Talk, Almedalen Visby, Sweden
  • Service Design Invited Lecture, Malmö University, Sweden
  • Service Design and Value, HiQ Breakfast Talk, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Interaction19, Seattle, USA


  • Unionen Spanar, Malmö, Sweden
  • AI.m, HighFive Innovation Seminar, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Health Innovation Day, Halmstad, Sweden
  • AdWise Consultancy Network, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • From Business To Buttons 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
  • JCI International Conference 2018, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Digitalization Day, Halmstad Kommun, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Health Innovation Summer School, Halmstad, Sweden
  • HighFive Startup Incubator, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Webb Helt Enkelt, Halmstad, Sweden



  • Digital Crunch, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Unionen Spanar, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Digital Laborative Center, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Innovation Lunch, Gothenburg, Sweden


  • Game Master Arena, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Fachhochschule Salzburg, Austria
  • TEK, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Interaction15 Educational Summit, San Francisco, USA
  • Webb Helt Enkelt, Halmstad, Sweden


  • Excellent Teacher degree, Halmstad University (2019)
  • Reach for Change Finalist (2015)
  • Svenska Designpriset Nomination (2015)
  • Innovation Prize Winner in Livestrong Foundation's The Big C Competition (2014)
  • Best of CHI Honorable Mention Award (2014)
  • Accomplished Teacher Pedagogical Merit degree, Halmstad University (2014)
  • Best Paper Award – Conference of Learning in Higher Education (2012)
  • Presentation Excellence Award – Conference of Learning in Higher Education (2012)
  • EPICA Gold (2010)
  • Best Master's Thesis Award, Linköping University (2001)