Designing AI-Powered Services


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Book CoverUnlock the Future of Design with AI: "Designing AI-Powered Services" | Are you ready to lead the next wave of innovative design? "Designing AI-Powered Services" is your essential roadmap. Merging 20+ years of research and real-world experience, this book is a treasure trove for students and professionals eager to master the art of AI in design and HCI.

Authored by an expert who has lived on the frontlines of digital transformation, this book goes beyond theory. It’s a practical manifesto with over 50 actionable guidelines and 150+ references, designed to catapult you to the forefront of the industry. Whether you're a student seeking to make your mark or a professional driving sustainable value, these pages are packed with wisdom to elevate your skill set.

Discover how to navigate the ethics of AI, champion human-centric design, and create services that resonate with users and stand the test of time. With clear, engaging explanations, "Designing AI-Powered Services" breaks down complex concepts into digestible insights, ensuring you're equipped not just to participate in the AI revolution, but to lead it.

Transform your understanding, harness the power of AI, and design services that matter. Grab your copy of "Designing AI-Powered Services" now and turn the page on the future of design.

The e-book edition has a brand new set of hand-drawn illustrations, and contains a new section on generative AI.

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Book CoverMeet the author | Pontus Wärnestål brings a thoughtful approach to the intersection of service design and AI. With two decades of experience in User Experience and Human-Computer Interaction, his work is characterized by a commitment to human-centered principles and an eye for practical application.

An active contributor to academic discourse with over 40 published scientific papers and books, including the notable "Designing AI-Powered Services," Pontus's writing is respected for its accessibility and relevance to both students and seasoned professionals.

Pontus applies his extensive knowledge to develop AI solutions that prioritize meaningful human experiences. His dedication to teaching shines through in his role as Deputy Professor at Halmstad University, where he balances rigorous research with nurturing the next generation of designers.

Recently taking charge of the AI and Design track at Ambition Empower, Pontus continues to advocate for the thoughtful integration of AI in design, ensuring that technology serves to enhance, not overshadow, the human element.

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